Graphic Designing Complete Course | 2024

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Course Overview

The Ultimate Graphic Design Course Which Covers Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, InPage, InDesign, Design Theory, Branding, and logo design

  • How to Become a Graphic Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop – Introduction to Photo Editing
  • Photoshop Intermediate Tools
  • NEW! Photoshop 2024 Updates – The AI Generative Fill Tool and Projects!
  • Photoshop Projects – Double Exposure Effect
  • Photoshop Projects – YouTube Thumbnail
  • Photoshop Project – Book Cover Design and Stationery
  • EXTRA PROJECT – Working with Photoshop Mockups
  • Adobe Illustrator Introduction and Basic Tools – The Tracing Worksheet
  • Logo Design Business Card and Branding Project
  • Create A Custom Brand Presentation Mockup
  • Adobe Illustrator 3D Tools
  • Student Project Challenge
  • Blend Tool with Text and Vector Projects
  • Adobe InDesign – Let’s Learn the Software!
  • EXTRA! InDesign Portfolio Building Template
  •  InPage – Urdu Typing and How to Design News Paper
  • Corel Draw – Flex Design, Broucher Design, Logo, Business Card, Gradient, 3D Mockups, And All kinds of Editing in Corel Draw Design.
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