Web Development Course

Course Overview:

What you will learn in the course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern web development techniques and technologies. Students will learn how to build dynamic and responsive websites using industry-standard tools and frameworks. Through hands-on projects and assignments, participants will gain practical experience in designing, developing, and deploying web applications.

Course Title

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. Learn front-end development using popular frameworks such as React or Vue.js.
  3. Explore back-end development with Node.js and Express.js.
  4. Integrate databases and manage data using MongoDB.
  5. Develop responsive and mobile-friendly web applications.
  6. Implement user authentication and authorization.
  7. Deploy web applications using platforms like Heroku or AWS.
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Introduction to Web Technologies

Overview of web development Introduction to HTML and CSS Building your first webpage

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript basics and syntax DOM manipulation and events

Advanced React

Routing with React Router State management with Redux

Back-End Development with Node.js and Express.js

Setting up a Node.js environment Creating RESTful APIs with Express.js

Authentication and Authorization

User authentication strategies Implementing authentication with Passport.js

Advanced Topics

Performance optimization techniques Security best practices in web development

Advanced HTML and CSS

CSS layouts and positioning Responsive design and media queries

Front-End Development with React

Introduction to React and JSX Building components and managing state

Front-End Development with Vue.js

Introduction to Vue.js Vue components and directives

Working with Databases

Introduction to MongoDB Integrating MongoDB with Node.js

Deploying Web Applications

Introduction to deployment platforms (Heroku, AWS) Deploying a full-stack web application

Final Project

Capstone project: Build and deploy a full-stack web application Presentations and peer feedback

Basic programming knowledge is recommended but not required. Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts would be beneficial.


    • Weekly assignments and quizzes
    • Participation in discussions and labs
    • Completion of a final project showcasing acquired skills

    By the end of this course, students will have gained the essential skills and practical experience needed to develop modern web applications from scratch and deploy them to production environments.