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Project Description

YouTube Earning Course 2019 | How to Make More Earning From YouTube

Complete guide for beginning a YouTube channel, getting more views and Subscriber, earn thousands of dollars in beginning!

  • Course Created by:  Mr. Munawar Waseer
  • Posted Date: 31-07-2019
  • Language: Urdu/Hindi

What you ‘ll Learn in This Course
  • Students can easily earn thousands of dollor just by following all the simple step of this course
  • Students can also make their carrier as a youtuber
  • This course is starting From very begining like How to create the YouTube channel and all


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Internet
  • You Should have som ideas, what type of c Youtube cahnnel you wan’t to start
  • PC, Laptop

Description About This Course

Note: This course is for Hindi and Urdu Speakers.

This is the full course of YouTube earning.In this course I have referenced every one of the outlines of YouTube that what is YouTube and whats the upside of YouTube to working with.This is the course which has in excess of 80 talks and every one of the talks are in detail.So in the wake of finishing this amazing course of YouTube,you will probably make your bearer as a youtuber and transform your energy into profit.So pursue every one of the means to this course and get the benefit the way you want.This course has been structured likewise for them who are attempting to get gigantic traffic to their YouTube channel and furthermore for their site contents.So this is additionally best for SEO advertisers.

Who this course is for:

  • YouTubers struggling to grow their channel, get views, get subscribers, and make money with YouTube
  • Anyone that wants to create their own YouTube channel, who hasn’t done so before and doesn’t have any experience with videos or YouTube

Here are the Detail of YouTube Earning Course

The following table shows you what you’ll learn in this course

Course Content Expand 10:09:43

Course Content Expand Length
YouTube intros-starting here Preview 02:08
YouTube introduction 01:00
YouTube basics to know 32:00
Some basics of youtube 01:00
YouTube channel creation 04:00
Beautiful logo designing for youtube 06:14
Professional logo creating using software part-1 01:00
Professional logo creating using software part-2 02:34
Professional logo creating using software part-3 03:08
Professional logo creating using software part-4 01:00
Discription and branding the channel 04:23
social linking with youtube channel 04:02
Monetization and enabling Google Adsense 01:00

Course Content Expand Length
Google adsense lecture 1 03:08
Google adsense lecture 2 05:41
Google adsense lecture 3 04:23
Google adsense lecture 4 03:08
Google adsense lecture 5 03:34
Google adsense lecture 6 06:14
Google adsense lecture 7 04:08
Google Adsense Account saving from being banned 04:28

Course Content Expand Length
Top 4 software for creating a beautiful video for youtube 01:31
Editing like a pro using camtasia 03:31
Full training with camtasia like video editing,logo attaching,zooming effect etc 01:26
Intro and outro creating using camtasia 03:56
Intro and outro creating through online 01:26
Creating whiteboard animation for youtube videos 06:44
Final-creating intros and outros or everything using the software 02:14

Course Content Expand Length
Visitor grabbing or making content viral using google plus 01:59
Visitor grabbing or making content viral using facebook 09:54
Making bulk post in facebook groups 02:32
Visitor grabbing or making content viral using Quora 02:28
Visitor grabbing or making content viral using reddit 02:23
Create an account on reddit to make the videos viral 02:33
All topics covering in one video specially social networks 12:43

Course Content Expand Length
Creating eye catching thumbnail to get huge traffic 21:31
create eye-catching thumbnail using online websites 09:53

Course Content Expand Length
On-Page SEO for YouTube Videos 01:59
Off-Page SEO for YouTube Videos 02:52
PPP Formula to rank the video 02:32

Course Content Expand Length
Subscribers increase method-1 01:59
Subscribers increase method-2 07:31
Subscribers increase method-3 02:32
Subscribers increase method-4 02:28
Subscribers increase method-5 06:25
Subscribers increase method-6 04:35
Subscribers increase method-7 06:25

Course Content Expand Length
Ranking video using software-1 01:59
Ranking video using software-2 02:59
Ranking video using software-3 04:59
software using to rank the video 03:20

Before buying or apply for this course must be contacted with the tutor Mr. Munawar Abbas of this course. Whatsapp: 0300-8042177 or check profile below.
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