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Project Description

Full Course Adobe Audition CC | The Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to record, edit and mix audio in Adobe Audition Cc With These easy-to-followa audio editing tutorials

  • Course Created by:  Mr. Munawar Waseer
  • Posted Date: 08-08-2019
  • Language: Urdu/Hindi

What you ‘ll Learn in This Course
  • You will realize how to make your sound better
  • Reduce background noise & improve vocals
  • Create an Audition project from beginning to end
  • Mix and master a project to sound perfect for online viewing
  • Save and export high quality audio files
  • Know proper workflow for podcasting, music production, and general audio editing
  • Create DJ Drops in Adobe Audition
  • Know how to master music
  • And so much more!


  • No prior experience in audio production or editing is required.
  • Adobe Audition Software
  • PC, Laptop

Make your sound astonishing with Adobe Audition CC!

On the off chance that you are searching for a sound altering application that will enable you to record, alter and blend sound like the experts, Adobe Audition is the best answer.

Sound Audition is utilized by artists, podcasters, video makers, editors, sound architects, and experts around the globe! This total course is the most ideal approach to bounce directly in and begin altering your very own sound.


  • Get settled with the Audition CC interface
  • Begin new activities
  • Record sound with Audition
  • Change volume
  • Alter sound tracks together
  • Include ambient sounds
  • Apply and change impacts
  • Expel foundation commotion
  • Improve sound with EQ, sufficiency, and pressure
  • Stretch time and move sound pitch
  • Include deferral and reverberation impacts
  • Make vocals sound better
  • Expel vocals from sound
  • Alter music in Audition
  • Include and modify singing vocals
  • Make a circling melody
  • Make a DJ Drop
  • Alter a webcast in Audition
  • Blend and ace your sound
  • Spare and fare top notch documents
  • thus substantially more!

Work on chronicle and altering while you learn. This course incorporates practice sound records so you can track and really learn by doing.

We’ll be showing the course utilizing the innovative cloud (CC) variant of Adobe Audition, however on the off chance that you have a past form (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 – Mac or PC), you can even now figure out how to alter like an ace.

What makes us qualified to educate you?

Nader Nadernejad, the lead educator, is an expert mixed media maker and DJ with long periods of experience utilizing Adobe Audition. Phil Ebiner, the course maker has made many top of the line courses with more than 500,000 cheerful understudies far and wide.

We guarantee to enable you to improve as a sound designer with this course!

We’ll be here for you at all times. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning the course substance or anything identified with this theme, you can generally post an inquiry in the course or send me an immediate message.

Whow this is course for.

  • Audio engineers, producers and editors
  • Musicians
  • Podcasters
  • Video creators
  • Online teachers, YouTubers, content creators
  • Anybody who wants to learn audio editing like the pros!

Here are the Detail of Adobe Audtion | Sound Editing

The following table shows you what you’ll learn in this course

Course Content Expand 10:09:43

Course Content Expand Length
Welcome to the Course Preview 02:08
Download the Project Files 01:00

Course Content Expand Length
Understanding the Interface 03:08
Starting a New Project 05:41
Setting Your Input and Output 04:23
How to Import Audio Files 03:08
How to Record Audio 03:34
How to Name Tracks 06:14

Course Content Expand Length
Adusting Volume 01:31
Fading Audio 03:31
Splitting and Editing Together Audio 06:41
Copying, Cutting and Pasting Audio 04:37
Adding Background Music and Other Media Files 03:31

Course Content Expand Length
How to Use Sound Effects 01:59
Working With the Effects Rock 09:54
Amplitude 02:32
Compression 02:28
Time Stretching 02:23
Shifting Pitch 02:33
Delay and Echo 12:43

Course Content Expand Length
Edit Out Breaths, Clicks and Pops 21:31
Make Vocals Sound Better with EQ 04:34
Reducing Background Noise 19:53
Spectral Editing 08:34

Course Content Expand Length
Adobe Audition Vocal Remove 01:59
Reversing Audio 02:52

Course Content Expand Length
Setting Up a Music Project 01:59
BPMs 02:52
How to Edit Singing Vocals 23:09
Mixing Vocals with Music 12:21
How to Make a Looping Song 04:32
How to Make a Dj Drop 04:53

Course Content Expand Length
Adobe Audition Vocal Remove 01:59
Reversing Audio 02:52

Course Content Expand Length
Creating a Template 01:59
Make Audio Sound Good for a Podcast 02:52

Course Content Expand Length
Using the Multitrack Mixer 01:59
Mastering Audio for the Internet 02:52

Course Content Expand Length
Saving Your Project 01:59
Exporting Audio 02:52

Course Content Expand Length
Thank You! 01:59
Bouns Lectrue 00:52

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