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Project Description

Advance Corel Draw | Graphic Desinging Course 2019

Learn Advance Corel Draw Graphic Designing From Basic to Advance With Live Projects on the Way

  • Course Created by:  Mr. Munawar Waseer
  • Posted Date: 05-08-2019
  • Language: Urdu/Hindi

What you ‘ll Learn in This Course
  • Creating Logos in Corel Draw
  • Creating Business Cards in Corel Draw
  • Creating Urdu Business Cards in Corel Draw
  • Creating Brouchers in Corel Draw
  • Creating Covers/Packing in Corel Draw
  • Creating Flex Design in Corel Draw
  • Creating Mono Gram Design in Corel Draw
  • Creating thumbnail Design in Corel Draw
  • Teaching in Corel Draw
  • Professional Designer


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Corel Draw Software
  • PC, Laptop

Outline of the Corel Draw Training

Note: This course is for Hindi and Urdu Speakers.

Corel Draw is a vector based realistic arranging programming bundle that is utilized to make logos, monograms and all very illustrations work. Corel Draw is the most recent variant of this product that has extra common sense and decisions than the different past rendition. It’s been generally utilized for realistic arranging capacities round the world.

The Content of this course

In this course, You’ll learn total Corel Draw illustrations structuring from essential to progress, by saying this I implied, we’ll investigate the fundamental alternatives/devices and so on in the initial two parts of the course, and after that we’ll be fabricating a great deal of realistic tasks in this course. Aside from the fundamental layout, we’ll get familiar with the accompanying ventures in this course.

Why take this course?

In the event that you are extremely genuine to progress toward becoming something as a visual fashioner in Corel Draw then you’ll most likely take this course, since this spreads will give you a well-ordered methodology towards learning Corel Draw all-around effectively.

Who this course is for:

  • This Corel Draw X6 course is for the individuals who need to take in Graphic planning from totally scratch
  • This Corel Draw X6 preparing will be from essential to progress for every level understudy

Here are the Detail of Corel Draw | Graphic Deigning

The following table shows you what you’ll learn in this course

Course Content Expand 10:09:43

Course Content Expand Length
Promo Video Preview 02:08
Corel Draw Software Installation 01:00

Course Content Expand Length
Shape tool 03:08
Sumudge Brush Tool 05:41
Roughen Brush 04:23
Free Transform and Smear Tools 03:08
Twirl and Attract Tools 03:34
Repel and Crop 06:14
Knife and Eraser Tools 04:08
Virtual Segment Delete, Zoom and Pan Tools 14:09
Free Hand and 2-Point line Tools 43:26
Artistic Media add Design and Pen Tools 32:45
Smart Fill and Smart Drawing 11:27
Plgon and Star 12:28
3-Pint Rectangle, Ellipse and 3-Point Ellipse Tools 04:54
B-Spline, Polyline and 3-Point curve Tools 07:28
Complex Star, Graph Paper and Spiral 04:48
Rectangle 04:28
What is Basic Shapes, Arrow Shapes, Flowchart Shapes, Banner Shapes and Callout 04:28

Course Content Expand Length
Using Text Tool 01:31
Text Tools 03:31

Course Content Expand Length
Table tools 01:59
Table tools, parallel dimesion,horizontal or vertical dimension,Angular 09:54
Connector tools 02:32
Blend and Contour 02:28
Distort and Drop Shadow Tools 02:23
Envelope , Extrude AND Transparency 02:33
Working Color Eyedropper , Attributes Eyedroper ,Outline Pen tools 12:43

Course Content Expand Length
Simple Logo Design 1 21:31
Simple Logo Design 2 04:34
Logo Design 1 19:53
Logo Design 2 08:34
Logo Design 3 07:43
Business Card Design 01 05:51
Business Card Design 02 09:53
Business Card Design 03 06:43
Business Card Design 04 23:53
Banner Designing 04:34
Flex Design 1 07:53
Flex Design 2 12:23
How to Create a Passport size image in corel draw? 07:53
How to Design Letter Head? 11:21
How to design Box 07:07
Design Box 08:33
How to design 3D box ? 07:57
How to design a pamphlet and brochure? 04:43
Design book cover 03:33
How place image inside the text? 09:53

Course Content Expand Length
File Menu 01 01:59
File Menu 02 02:52
Edit Menu 01 02:32
Edit Menu 02 04:33
View and Layout Menu 05:22

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