How to Prepare PPSC Test

What is PPSC

Punjab Public Service Competitive Examination (PPSC) is a provincial competitive examination in Punjab conducted by the Punjab Public Service Commission for recruitment to the various Civil Services of the Government of Punjab, including Punjab Administrative Service, Punjab Revenue Service, Punjab Police Service, and among others. The examination is conducted in two phases – the written examination and the Personality Test (Interview). The entire process from the notification of the examination to the declaration of the final results takes roughly one year.


Every year or whenever required, Punjab Public Service Commission offers a combined competitive examination for the posts of Provincial Management Service. All candidates will take all Compulsory Subjects and three of the Optional Subjects (not more than one from each group) carrying 200 marks each. Total marks for the Examination will be 1200.

Confidence is the key

Everything you want to do in life. One thing that is very important to get success is that confidence PPSC is an exam of Knowledge. If you want to pass this test you should have the confidence and braveness to complete the task. You have to motivate yourself you can do that. If you decided to do it then no one can stop if you give up then nothing can motivate so you have faith in yourself.

Past Papers

There are many benefits related to utilizing past test papers including the following:

  • understanding test time length;
  • Shows a common number of questions;
  • understanding the number of choices in MCQs;
  • Helps work out the time expected for each question;
  • Distinguishes style of test questions (short-answers, numerous choices or articles);
  • Helps practice test procedures;
  • help key branches of knowledge to focus and revise.

Perhaps the main advantage of rehearsing past papers is that it assists understudies with understanding the most probable points to be remembered for the test. As most courses have a wide scope of related points, reading past papers will assist with saving a ton of potential time squandering on subjects that are not prone to be on the paper consequently making one’s update considerably more proficient and useful.

Current Affairs

Current means recent, day-to-day life and affairs mean events and issues, etc. Therefore, current affairs are related to the day-to-day incidents and events around us. The growing importance of Current Affairs poses the question of the utility of exerting energy on updating oneself with the news. The importance of current affairs is no doubt different for different people who fall in different age brackets, pursue different motives, and have different interests. it can be said that all social things are bound to be affected by Current Affairs in more ways than one. it is advisable that people sit up and take note of this rapidly growing area of study.

Improve English

English is very important and plays a key role in PPSC Exam. We have English language improvement tips you can find here.

Improve Urdu

If you are living in Pakistan it’s very essential to learn and understand Urdu. People who live in Pakistan underestimate Urdu because they think they understand Urdu but they are not because Urdu is a very difficult language and you have to understand as much as possible because there is a part of Urdu in the PPSC Exam.

Use Different Signs to remember difficult words.

It’s a technique to remember difficult words you can watch the video here to understand how to memorize difficult words using different signs.

General Knowledge

GK if you want to become a civil servant or you want to pass PPSC Exam then without G.K Means without general knowledge it’s not possible. Because 60% of the PPSC test is based on G.K. so you should work hard to improve your general knowledge. There are many things to improve general knowledge but some are reading newspapers listening to the news or studying general knowledge books.

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