English Spoken Tips

Learn English in these powerful ways

  1. Learn playfully like a child (Naturally)
  2. Stop studying grammar rules (Never)
  3. Use your ears instead of your Eyes
  4. Learn English Grammar using funny stories and videos
  5. Use Emotional stories that are Memorable

Learn Playfully like a child (Naturally)

How you can learn English like a child, how you can get fluent like children. Why is it that children are just so good at learning languages, think about it as an adult you have incredible cognitive advantages right? You’re better at problem-solving. You have more general knowledge you’re just smarter in every single way than a baby. Why you can’t use this power to learn a language.

Reason is…….

The reason is that it’s very surprising you know too much about language, especially your own language.

On but other hand baby doesn’t know anything about language. They don’t know the difference b/w nouns and verbs and prepositions etc. they don’t understand about future tense and the past tense. All they hear is sound. So, if you follow children’s techniques of learning you can learn too.

Stop studying grammar rules

It is also very important for English or any other language learner to stop thinking about grammar. Because when you think about grammar it’s very difficult to understand. I can give an example you have to think about your native language doesn’t matter what It is. Do you know the grammar what is the answer? The answer is obvious is no like we don’t know our own language grammar. Then how do we speak because it automatically comes into our mouth? Hence, we how to do the same thing in English.

Use your ears instead of your Eyes

Again, a very important concept to understand for learning English use your ears instead of your eyes. You know when we started learning English we started with textbooks, vocabulary books and grammar books, etc. but in this way, we only learn English how to read or write. It does not work for speaking because speaking is different. When we read something in a book, we don’t know how to pronounce the word which is written in a notebook. But when we listen to a word, we know how to speak or pronounce that word. And other you have to keep in mind you have to listen to those lessons which understand 95% without dictionary that would help you more than anything. You can listen to any which is comfortable for you like songs movies etc. We have a recorded video in detail so you can listen to and understand this technique. I can tell you it’s very useful.

Learn English Grammar using funny stories and videos

At this point, I can give you an example. If I tell you a story about Cinderella or I teach a lesson about grammar rules which you remember for a long time. I think the answer is the story Cinderella because we are comfortable with stories as we remember stories for a long time. That is the reason learning English very easy using funny stories and videos. English is everywhere So, you have to start watching videos or listening to funny or interesting stories. It will boost your English language rapidly.

Final words

If you are really interested in learning the English language nothing will teach you. Until you start taking action because English is everywhere you have to start now

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